Your career with the Garz & Fricke Group

Are you interested in Garz & Fricke Group as your new employer? That is great news for us.

Would you like to find out what makes us tick and what we can offer you besides a secure and interesting job? We will give you a little insight.

Our focus is on so-called Human Machine Interfaces, for which we develop and produce the corresponding microelectronics, mechanics and software at several locations. Our devices are based on ARM-based platforms such as Single Board Computers (SBC), which we manufacture in Hamburg, or System on Modules, which we produce in Wuppertal. Furthermore, we also take care of the connection with display, touch screen, operating system and housing. In Stuttgart we also pool the competencies for application development such as frontend as well as backend and cloud applications. Our aim is to be a complete solution provider for the implementation of modern operating units.

Our customers include manufacturers and operators in e.g. the fields of vending machines, medical and laboratory technology, coffee and catering technology, security technology and industrial automation.

What makes us so different from many others?

  • We not only develop hardware on site in Hamburg and Wuppertal, but also produce the electronics in-house and design the mechanics ourselves
  • We are internationally positioned and have locations in Minneapolis (USA), Taiwan and Chennai (India)
  • Close customer loyalty due to high proportion of customer-specific complete solutions
  • Clear differentiation from the competition thanks to a particularly broad range of services
  • Our employees are distinguished by their in-depth and specific know-how, with very low staff fluctuation
  • We have very high quality standards, compliance with which is confirmed every year by a customer survey

"I like being a member of the G&F community because I find a great mix of competence, commitment and collegiality here. Commitment and skills are both valued and encouraged. You can play an active role in the Group's ongoing development and keep moving forward."

Sonja Bratschek, Head of Accounting

"I have been with Garz & Fricke GmbH for five years and chose the company because you experience new challenges and varied activities here every day. Individual skills are always promoted and therefore you have good opportunities to develop quickly. In addition, teamwork and a positive working atmosphere have a very high priority here."

Julian Raschke, AV assembly


It's fun to work here

We want you to feel comfortable and therefore also place great value on a good and inspiring working atmosphere. Become part of a great team with about 180 employees at our various locations. You can look forward to open-minded and helpful colleagues who will welcome you to our team and will be happy to assist you during your induction. The teamwork is characterized by open communication and mutual appreciation.


Here you can keep evolving

We not only offer traditional on-the-job training, dual study programs and internships. All of our employees can and should receive ongoing training and development. This can take place externally, internally or quite pragmatically on-the-job.


Here you can make a difference

We are a fast-growing company with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. Our employees have the opportunity to develop within the company within the scope of their individual talents and goals and to quickly take on their own responsibility.


Here you stay healthy

Every employee is different and has his or her own special wishes and needs. We respect this and offer individually adaptable, ergonomic workplaces (some with height-adjustable desks). Working hours are flexible and can be adapted to individual needs. In addition, there are health subsidies for our employees; for example, we provide financial support for gym membership.


We have our own community

We offer a varied leisure program - from joint sports activities, such as running or cycling, to company parties and events. And because our employees feel so at home with us, the fluctuation rate is also exceptionally low. We are proud that many of our employees have been with us for decades. Shared success makes us strong.


Company parking for cars and bicycles

Whether you reach us by bike or by car - we have a sufficient number of company-owned parking spaces. In addition, we are planning to install e-charging stations at our newly built location in Hamburg.


Company pension plan & employee benefits

We want you to be well off in every phase of your life. That's why we offer you capital-forming benefits in addition to your salary, which you can use with savings deposits or home savings contracts, e.g. for retirement savings (depending on the regulations in the respective country of employment).


Last, but not least: No dress code

We want everyone to feel comfortable in their own way, so there is no dress code. Of course, we value a sophisticated appearance, but outside of direct customer contact, business attire is not a must. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

Applying for a job with the Garz & Fricke Group

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  • How can I apply for a job at the Garz & Fricke Group?

    You can apply for any of our positions via the "Apply online now" button. You can easily upload your documents or simply apply directly with your XING profile. If you can't find a suitable position for you on our careers page, we are of course also happy to receive your initiative application; please send it by e-mail to

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  • What information should my application include?

    We are pleased about...

    • Your informative cover letter: What characterizes you?, What skills have you acquired so far?, What motivates you? Why do you want to join the Garz & Fricke Group or one of our companies? - Make us curious about you!
    • Your curriculum vitae
    • Relevant references or certificates

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  • What steps does the application process involve?

    Please give us some time for the first review of your application documents. We will usually get back to you within two weeks with initial feedback. If your application documents convince us, we will invite you to a personal interview. Depending on the position, there may be a second interview, a chance to get to know the team, or a work trial. Teamwork is very important to us - that's why we are curious about you. We want to know how you work, what motivates you and how you can contribute to the Garz & Fricke Group.

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  • Can I submit a proactive application?

    If you have not found a suitable position on our careers page, you are welcome to send us an initiative application. We will check whether we can consider you for an advertised position or include you in our talent pool if necessary. In any case, you will receive feedback from us shortly.

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  • Are the jobs advertised up to date?

    All job postings that you can find on our careers page are current and not yet staffed.

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  • Does Garz & Fricke Group offer vocational training?

    We are currently providing vocational training in Hamburg for the occupation of "Electronics technician (m/f/d) for devices and systems". At the moment, all apprenticeship positions are already filled. As soon as we offer new apprenticeships, you will find information about them on our careers page.

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  • Can I do a student internship at Garz & Fricke Group?

    Basically yes. Please send us your application documents. We will give you a short feedback on whether we can offer you an internship.

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