Under the brand e-GITS we develop custom-fit software applications. From prototype to live environment, we implement every vision. Our work focuses in particular on cross-platform development for embedded systems and mobile apps. But we also implement web apps and cloud solutions as well as database applications not only in a resource-saving way, but also effectively and with a lot of experience.

Our QMS (Quality Management System) ensures that our and our customers' quality standards are met. At our company, quality assurance and software development are two independent, separate areas. This ensures that the software we develop is properly tested. The requirements of the specifications are analyzed and appropriate test procedures are developed. These tests include both manual and automated test procedures.

We mainly use the Qt framework in our projects. This system has the advantage that we use this framework not only for frontend development, but also for developing powerful backends. Based on C++, it is the solution that allows us to program very efficiently and close to the machine.

We also bring together the development of overall solution packages such as cloud systems or the new Device & Application Management System (DAMS) under the e-GITS umbrella. This allows us to offer a comprehensive package of exciting additional services for many hardware systems from a single source.